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Demarcus Taylor

“Purpose driven leaders will strategically create paths where no man has gone and leave a trail, but you must divide then you’ll multiply.”

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Meet Demarcus Taylor

Demarcus Taylor is a personal and business financial strategist author, life and executive coach. Demarcus decided to turn his pain into a business and live a life of service. As a teenager, Demarcus was a college student-athlete facing life in prison, which resulted in him running towards destructive activities for comfort. He sold drugs, physically and mentally abused people, and worked at several unfulfilling jobs that would hire an ex-offender. He drastically developed himself to earn a six-figure salary as an Industrial Construction Manager to being broke, divorced, homeless living in his car, and taking showers at planet fitness. Demarcus wrote his first book ‘Turn Your Catastrophe Into a Masterpiece’ and started his brand while homeless. In spite of his many hardships, Demarcus decided to free himself from the label of a felon and live a life of substance. 

Our Business Masterclass's will enhance your understanding of goals and its importance of developing and knowing yourself as well as how to secure your financial future.


Start Exceeding Your Expectations By Building Your Foundation With Future Investments That Will Take You To The Next Level. 

Had an idea for a corporation and didn't know where to start? We take you to get your first customer from the concept point, and build up a solid company. 


Designed by D. Taylor Enterprises LLC, Team Execution Training is an interactive workshop that engages participants to Self-Assess, gain new perspective toward their Strengths and corresponding blind spots, as well as learn how to best Communicate with others. Participants will walk away with greater clarity on how each individual's role uniquely contributes to the organization's mission and driven to bring about greater team results.


Super Power Discovery Program

The Super Power Discovery Program will help you leverage how you are so that you can ultimately open the window of who you are to become extremely effective both at home and in your career.

We all have a default set of preferences, and this program helps you identify what they are and how they are and how to use them to your advantage.

This Super Power program comes with the discovery assessment and a personalized strategic outline designed to help you perform at optimal levels in every area of your life, both personal and professional.

Take the Assessment




Delila Shantea (Life and Leadership Coach)

“I recently took an assessment with my industry professional! We often times think work is the only place we need to know the difference in our strengths and how we fit into a team.  Going through the Super Power Discovery program with Demarcus allowed me to see it in a totally different way. It’s amazing how we overlook how these strengths and weaknesses show up in our personal lives.  Anyone sitting down and going through it with him will leave with a different perspective.  Understanding our personality traits and what position we play will change the whole trajectory of how we live our lives.  If you are a gentleman who is ready to go full force into your purpose, you should book a call with him.”

Sammie Smith Jr.

This tool is vital! Demarcus really opened my eyes and exposed me to where I’m strong naturally as well as introduced me to my adaptive style. It help me discover my super power and I got to see how I operate and it explained  the pain points I have been going through and why I continue to go through them, but he help me come up with a strategy to execute effectively by utilizing my super power!

Adrienne Dean

Taking the Super Power Discovery Assessment was just what I needed to help me grow and understand myself better and how to implement my strengths in  my personal life and and business life. Those points helped me see a a different perspective in how I handle or come across situations as well as build my team for my company!

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